Full Spectrum Sea Moss
Full Spectrum Sea Moss
Full Spectrum Sea Moss

Full Spectrum Sea Moss

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8oz bag of Full Spectrum Sea Moss From the pristine waters of St Lucia.


Seamoss is a powerhouse of health benefits. It is packed with a number of essential vitamins and minerals. Some of these include Vitamins A & C, zinc, and beta-carotene. It is known to enhance the immune system, strengthen bones, boost lung function, and help brain function. It contains collagen, a key component to healthy and youthful skin, hair, and nails. Used as a food supplement it helps with metabolism, weight loss, thyroid function, boosting your energy level and mood. It is even used to increase libido. 

Full Spectrum Seamoss is the same Seamoss that has been intentionally dried and cured to maintain its natural colour and phytonutrients. We don’t separate the purple, gold, red or green. The full spectrum has a more potent taste as well as more potent effects!

Benefits of Seamoss:


Contains nearly all minerals needed for you to thrive

Long-lasting energy provided by slow-release carbohydrates

Excellent for muscle and joint recovery and strong bones

Amazing for hair, nails, skin & bones. It’s better than collagen!

Helps boost your metabolism

Rich Source of Iodine

Please note that every bag will have a unique mix of the different colours inside. We do not guarantee the perfect mix of colours as seen in the photos. Our Full Spectrum Seamoss is 100% natural and doesn’t contain any preservatives or additives


What’s the difference between Full Spectrum and Signature Seamoss?:


Full Spectrum is just dried in the shade to keep its colour

Full spectrum has more potent properties in the colours

Full spectrum has a stronger ocean taste